Good afternoon Brothers and sisters,
Our Bargaining committee arrived safely in Burlington over this past weekend and at this time there isn't anything new to report on the negotiations. It is your bargaining committee's expectation to negotiate responsibly and to the betterment of all its members.
The purpose of this update is to notify the members of LU 2251 of the actions being taken by the Contract Action Team. At this late stage in bargaining it is only prudent that plans are made in the unlikely event of a work stoppage. Today, two letter's were faxed to a number of organizations and businesses.
The first fax was sent to a dozen Local Unions, across the region.This letter explained the date our agreement expired and we asked that they honour our picket lines in the event of a work stoppage.
The second fax was sent to 19 company's who provide contractor services to Algoma Steel. This letter also explained the date our agreement expired and we asked them to honour our picket lines.
More updates to follow,
USW LU 2251 Contract Action Team