Since we all know our contract expires this year, your local executive being pro-active, has put together a Contract Action Team (C.A.T.) because sharing of information is the key to building power. The CAT is your link to the bargaining committee and vice versa. The CAT creates a two-way communication, by circulating information between the bargaining committee and the membership. Your CAT knows the union’s power starts with its members and a well informed membership is a strong membership. This first information alert is in regards to:




·         Wayne Fraser, at his Toronto office, was contacted by Dennis Turcotte and at that time, Mr. Turcotte expressed the company’s willingness for early bargaining.

·         Director of District 6, Wayne Fraser comes to Sault Ste Marie and meets with Local union 2251 and 2724 to inform them about Mr. Turcotte’s request for early bargaining.

·         Local Union 2251, takes this request to its members. The members then pass a motion to enter early bargaining with three pre-conditions:

o   The Company pays all costs for bargaining

o   There will be no concessions

o   As long as the negotiating committee believes there is value to continue bargaining, for its members

·         After passing this motion, the local waited for the Company to approach them with a request for early bargaining.

·         Wayne Fraser informs Algoma steel to deal directly with local 2251 Executive.

·         The Media then reports, in error, that talks between Local 2251 and the Company are off. This is incorrect because talks or negotiations between the company and union were NEVER started.



The CAT finds it odd that after ASI announces an $85 Million pre-payment to the pension funds, in December of 2006, it appears the company has lost interest in early bargaining. Is this a coincidence?